Shiva Novinfar

Being paired with mentor and design genius Chris Kontos is a dream come true for young designer Shiva Novinfar.

A finalist in the inaugural Premier’s Design Award this Adelaide Fashion Festival, Novinfar is one of six final year students from TAFE SA chosen as a finalist.

She chats with editor Lauren Zwaans about her self-titled label, plans for a global brand and her hope to one day dress Rihanna.


Shiva NovinfarTUS: Congratulations on being selected as a finalist in the Premier’s Design Award! How do you feel and what do you hope to get out of this opportunity?
Novinfar: It feels fantastic to be one of the finalists in the Premier’s Design Award, I feel all my hard work is not wasted and it is paying off. Three years ago I was only dreaming about doing fashion, but now, I feel so close to achieving my dream. Being in the Premier’s Design Award is giving me the opportunity to challenge myself and work with an experienced mentor.

How have you found the TAFE SA course and how do you hope to apply what you’ve learnt in the years ahead?
TAFE SA and our lecturers helped me a lot in this journey. Without TAFE my dream would remain only a dream. I will definitely use what I’ve learnt in the years ahead.

AFF is changing this year! Are you excited about the growth of the fashion industry here in SA and have you identified particular niches or areas of opportunity?
I am very exited about the growth of the fashion industry in SA. It provides an opportunity for designers to grow themselves without moving to other states. Also, it is a great chance for buyers from other states, as well as international buyers, to come to SA.

You’ve been paired with Chris Kontos! What do you love most about your mentor?
I love his label, TY-LR, and can’t wait to work with Chris Kontos.

Tell us about your design aesthetic! What can we expect to see from you?
Shiva Novinfar is a brand with a stylish, elegant and classy look. It is for any woman who wants to look unique, soft and feminine. The Shiva Novinfar brand focuses on high end fashion and finishes.

Who are some of your favourite designers?
Carla Zampatti and Alex Perry in Australia, and Karl Lagerfeld outside Australia.

Who would you love to have wearing your clothes some day?
I dream of dressing Rihanna and Maria Sharapova for red carpet events.

Where do you hope to take your career in design in the future?
To build a successful global brand.Shiva Novinfar