powder backstage
So often when conducting my makeup application classes, ladies tell me they use powder, but when asked how they normally respond that they only use it for blotting their makeup throughout the day.

There are many uses for powder – and we now have some amazing options on the market.

As an artist, powder is my best friend; makeup artists use it in many ways.

Here are a few tips on how to use powder. A huge thank you to www.ry.com.au for the use of the powders featured.

1. Use the right type of powder

Firstly, there are many types of powder: translucent, coloured, correcting… the list goes on. Ensure when using them, you know exactly what they are used for. Also ensure you are buying the one to solve your own issue or need.

With something like a setting powder, these are typically used to ‘set’ your foundation by applying something dry over the top. This is essential if you want long lasting makeup. Even if you’re not a fan of the matte look, it will still offer longevity.

2. Set your eyes

You can also use powder to ‘set’ your eyelids prior to applying your eye shadow. It will take away redness, and give you a good base to not only really see the colour you apply, but also take away oils that cause the product to move.

I also use it when I am doing a very dark eye or using eye shadows with a lot of fall out. Simply grab a powder puff or sponge and apply a good amount of the powder under the eye. Once you have finished doing your eyes you can simply brush away the excess leaving you with a clean, unspoilt eye.

3. Lip Longevity

Powder is also a great way to get a long lasting lip. The best trick is to grab a tissue and separate the ply – you only need one thin sheet of the tissue. Then apply your lipstick and place the separated tissue over your lips before giving them a light dusting of translucent powder, before reapplying your lipstick. This will allow the colour on your lip to stay a whole lot longer throughout the day.

Ant’s picks:

napoleon_perdisNapoleon Ready Set Loose Powder, 5.0g, $25.19
This gorgeous compact is not only handy, but the powder will set your foundation and contains an SPF 30 for extra protection.

beccaBecca Fine Loose Finishing Powder in Cocoa, 15g, $47.20
Widely known as the finest powder in the world, this finishing powder sets makeup and offers a 12-hour set. Containing superior raw ingredients, this product is a beautiful fine powder that works effectively as a finishing powder.

youngbloodYoungblood Mineral Rice Setting Powder, 10g, $44.00
This 100 per cent talc-free powder absorbs oil and offers shine control. It contains a unique blend of rice starch, corn starch and minerals.

Other ways we as artists use powder are to correct, contour, highlight and blend. To explain each of these to you I would need a lot more than this column! I recently covered contouring in this post, so make sure you check that out too.

Don’t forget if you have a beauty-related question, you can give me a shout [email protected]

– Ant xx